Apex Vaulting offers various practice packages that fit the needs of our athletes’ schedules. The question that often comes up is, “How often should I practice?”

Well most of our best athletes will practice three days a week, making sure to take a day off between jump days. However we always explain to athletes and their parents that everyone has different commitment, travel, and time scenarios. Some of our athletes travel over ninety minutes to get to practice, others have demanding academic schedules, and there are vaulters that only compete seasonally.

However we do urge athletes to make a commitment to practice at least once a week. Obviously the more an athlete practices the quicker they can improve. We strongly discourage athletes from coming once or twice a month, or attending sessions for a two week period. In such a short amount of time or inconsistent attendance, improvement is hard to come by. Pole Vaulting is a physically and technically demanding sport that requires time, patience, and dedication to see improvement.


Gold Package

3 practice sessions a week $625

Silver Package

2 practice sessions a week $550

Bronze Package

1 practice session a week $370

Introductory Package

3 Sessions $150 (must be used within 3 weeks)

(This package works best for those that would like to try pole vaulting or see if they like the club. If an athlete decides they would like to continue after their third practice they can always upgrade to a larger package)

Reminder, there are no make up sessions or refunds

for missed sessions. It is the athlete’s responsibility

to attend his or her scheduled practices.